Passing by

The slight whispers that were vaguely around my hall way. A sound too familiar over here. It’s just just my old man talking in his sleep. One must’ve wonder what in the world am I doing early in the morning at 5.01 am to be exact? I couldn’t sleep because I was too intrigued into playing mobile legend. That’s is, if one reads this which I highly doubt, everyone’s tucked in to their comfort beds dreaming away while I deal with my bad sleeping habits. I blame myself for this, the never ending change of shifts has my body screwed.

Look how fat my cheeks are. Not going to lightly use the word chubby because that’s what I am. I am getting fat. (Sadly)

I didn’t realise how fast my weight has gone up and it worries me. I get self-conscious because well it has always been like that. From all the men I’ve dated the first point of impression is that you’d have to be attractive. But beauty does not last forever, so their eyes will always tend to wander off. I guess it’s just their nature to act upon lust? Speaking from close relations, there are however people who don’t act on that. I must salute on men who don’t act on their lust though.

Sorry that was random, just saying what I’ve been observing from people.

I’m on my first day of period and there’s so much things I’m dying to eat.

1. Kooks creamery.

Like come one why is so hard for me to try this one? Maybe I should on my off day perhaps? That cold ice cream melting on the molten lava cookie. Sigh.

2. The big cheese.

Okay this one. Just jaw dropping. All the customised mac n cheese waiting for me. Don’t know if it’s halal though. But mhhhm.

3. Overrun

You might say this is overrated but shut your hiney because I still haven’t try this out! (Literally living in a cave)

I’m chewing on Redondo just to ease my craving. Ciao time for me to play mobile legends again x