Confessions of a hotelier

An angry & exhausted one, that is. Yes it’s me. Behold my confessions of working in this industry for about 4 years now. Don’t get me wrong, I love working under hospitality, but there’s always another side to every career. So these are just a few pointers that we hoteliers experience. On behalf of all the hoteliers here hahaha.

Subject to availability.

I cannot stress this term any stronger. So you’ve just requested a king size bed with the highest floor, nearer to lift, with bathtub and nicest view that you want? Or you wanted a complimentary cake from the hotel for your birthday? Or you want a guaranteed late checkout and also and early check in? Yet these requests are not met and you go crazy saying “I’ve already requested upon making reservations” without reading what it really means by “subject to availability”. Don’t get us wrong, we would love to fulfil your request. Most likely out in house guests are already occupying the rooms that you wanted, no cake due to overwhelming cake requests and as for the late checkout, it’s prolly because we are running on full house and can’t afford to have such a slow turnover. Rest assured, hoteliers always give you alternatives and try their best to make your stay a pleasant one. So please, go easy on us when requests are not made because after all everyone is a paying customer. 😉

Late check out/early check in 

Speaking of early check in and late check out, I can’t stand it when guests come as early as  9 AM in the morning and expect us staff to hmm I don’t know..give birth to a vacant clean room when my occupancy is full yesterday? When you clearly know the timing for checking in and checking out, asking for an early check in without booking a day before in advanced to guarantee is not right. On top of that, you’d still have the audacity to ask for a late check out. Come on, be reasonable la. However this is really case to case basis.  Hoteliers are here to serve you and make your stay the most pleasurable as we they can, so if there’s a really valid reason like eg. Your child is having a sudden fever. They would try their best to give the rooms as early as possible. But don’t try to fake your reasons though, we can see right through it.

Asking for complimentary…everything.

This by far is worst for me. You know th price of booking your room type that you have chosen upon reservation. But if you’re trying your luck to ask for complimentary upgrade from the staff is just…wrong! Please don’t be a cheapskate, you don’t go to McDonalds and ask for a FREE upsize with that shabby smile without paying for the 50 cents right? The same goes for reservations in a hotel. Don’t go around asking for a complimentary upgrade to a suite when you KNOW you can only afford a deluxe upon reservation.


Everyone knows that you would need to put deposit upon checking in. It’s to guarantee that you won’t be damaging or stealing anything from the room. Believe us, it’s because of previous guests that you are experiencing this. What we had encountered, we learn this deposit is like an invisible shield for us to protect against you goons..I means guests who “accidentally” eat the chocolates in the minibar without knowing it’s chargeable.



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