Your flawed perfection.

I’ve never met a man whose heart is bigger than his whole body. A man who unintentionally teaches me how to be forgiving, kind & selfless just by the way he acts. I wonder at the thought of how someone could make me a better woman. Because that’s what you did, you make me a better person, to myself and to others. 

It’s hard for me to grasp the situation we are in now, struggling with ourselves in life because we are working on our goals for a better future. I wished you’d stayed this way forever, so I can keep admiring you and be proud of the person that I had successfully (I hope?) nurtured into.

Admit it, you were in shambles when I found you. Lost and messy. Stubborn and inconsistent.

Still I find myself attracted to you for multiple reasons. I find myself inevitably changing you, because it’s for the better (you).

Forever, I will be here. X


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