Encountered a nostalgic feeling I had when I bumped into this person. Nobody worth mentioning but let’s just say….she’s my senior in one of the school attended. We’ll just name her E in this story of mine.
She was seemingly interested in my life…Stalking me everywhere & spreading rumours that she made up to make herself feel better. Probably cause she thought I had snatched her Boyfriend who was already her ex at that time. Sorry honey, but it was he who came to me :p
And maybe it was my inner unconscious bitchy self that wanted to take justice into what had happen to my friend. Yes you guessed it right, E was well-known for ruining relationships and she had ruin my friend’s relationship.
So I toyed with this boy (okay time teenager je) because I wanted that justice.   And after I had enough of making fun of E when she had graduated, I stopped dating that guy. Moving forward, years down the  road, I met E again when I was working at the airport. And Guess what? My Ex who was my Boyfriend at that point of time said she had been sliding Messages in social media for him. Of course, this didn’t bother me because I knew he’s not into those girls. So when she said “Hi” I just answered “sorry I don’t know you.”
Kerek face on. That’s what Fai said I always have hahaha. Okay anyway back to the story. Fast forward to present time, E is currently working at the same company as mine. I know…was this like fated to meet me now and then? eeeee.
So this song is dedicated to you my dear. Because…you know I sang this to you previously. 
Oh…hope you’re not still into me? :p

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