Under pressure

I’ve been contemplating on changing my career into a more suitable environment. I’m thankful for everything the management has done for me but lately it has become rather stark.

I questioned myself if giving in and caring for others more than myself was worth the benefit. That doesn’t seem to be the case since in the long run, I’ve suffered mentally and physically. It’s tiring when you overwork that much yet you are only being undervalued. A good colleague of mine advise me to pursue in other properties. I definitely have this undying fire for this line of work. There’s something  about hospitality that makes me learn about other people, and also about myself.

If other opportunities arise (inshallah), I will leave my second “home” hahahaha.

As age has been catching on me, turning 25 has got me set my goals straight. & who better to spend it more than this guy right here.

Nothing fancy, but I brought Fai to see The Kumar Show and it was worth it. Needed that much laughter to keep my mind of things.  Also ate my heart out the night before for a ridiculously cheap buffet. All is good when the tummy feels right. That’s why I’ve gaining, happily. Sighs.

Have I mentioned the new addition to my family? This meenachi right here.


Life must be good for kan like everybody is pampering her. And within 1 month she has grown accustomed to us carrying. So manje like if I put her down for 1 second she’ll wail until there’s human contact ish. Ayana Farishta, thank you fro giving me some kind of peace whenever I’m home. Your presence temporary relieves my stress. Geram!!

I should probably head back to sleep and TRY to adjust my body clock after a series of night and day shift :\


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