Come at me, 2017.

WARNING: this will be sorta a length post. And boring too haha

Why do I feel like as time goes by day by day, it gets a little too much for me to take. I know I’m procrastinating in doing the things I need to do. Like for this blog as an example, I didn’t even realise its been three months since I last updated.

So, I got engaged(finally), alhamdulilah. It was all really a last minute kinda thing because initially I had already took leave because I wanted to travel. Unfortunately, because of Fai’s rescheduling I couldn’t come in sync with his rota. So my parents did talk to me about this before but I didn’t know they were dead serious?!

Money is the root of things evil. Therefore I cannot be so careless with my money. I guess its a blessing in disguise when I didn’t manage to get a hold of Coldplay tickets? ( I cry deep inside, haha!) I keep pestering Fai about it. And who knows dia kasi I as a birthday present?) his never ending dream of winning toto cause he’ll be like ” Kalau I menang to 7 million….” Dream big honey hahaha.

Recently, I’ve beginning to see A LOT of changes in Fai that are positive. He’s not perfect but he tries his best. Nowadays he reassures me of my feelings, he takes good care of my emotions. The reasons why I don’t like him doing certain things. And I really leave it up to him to decide. Trust me, it wasn’t easy moulding him into the man that I know he can become. But he’s slowly is proving to me that he wants to be with me, for eternity.

Moving on to 2017, the next best thing that happened to me. The Reds won 1 to NIL to Man City!!! With six points behind as Chelsea finishes first end of 2016. This was the kind of backs to the walls defensive performance and a clean sheet . A lot of players’ exhaustion seemed partially to blame. I’d have to say, one of Wijnaldum (still tryna get his name right haha) best performances. Passing meant they are just about kept the ball whenever City threatened to force their way back into the game. Strong running all game and seemed to grow in stature despite losing his midfield partner Henderson baby just after the hour. His fantastic header delivered us the win!

This year, I’m hoping for a smooth sailing 2017. One that doesn’t have me worrying about things that I shouldn’t really be worrying. I’ve chosen Lamaison bridal just cause they had this really good promo & because I fell in love with one of their Mak andam’s  magical touch judging by her portfolio. Really hope I can book her!

Day by day… I got tired of feeling exhausted beyond my limits. I don’t know why my job has me stressing about things when that shouldn’t be the case. It really is supposed to be working as a team. But a certain few people are extra privileged to do things that other don’t agree. I’m leaving this toxic environment really soon. Before I get crazy!

” no stress no stress no stress” That’s right Jessie, I deserve nothing but the best.

Okay la good night. Running on a fever with this nasty


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