24 Random facts that most people don’t know about me.


• I have a total of 12 moles.

One day my Sister saw 3 moles on my thighs and then she just kept counting. Turns out most of my moles are at my lower body parts. If she didn’t count them I don’t even think I have moles at areas that I can’t even see hahaha.

• I hate durians and mangoes.

I hate the odour. When I was young my late Grandmother tried feeding me these two things and I would cry so hard because of smell.

• I prefer taking long bus rides.

Especially when there are empty seats. I can nap to my destination and play my games hehe. Best of all there’s minimal noise. Just the way I like it.

• I like to sleep with my palm touching my face.

My palm would kind of be the extra support to my face, so it’s sandwich in between my cheeks and the pillow. Then I can fall asleep. Unless I’m dead tired then I can just snooze without doing that.

• I can’t poop in public without water to wash myself.

Like if those toilets that has no pipes, I must have at least a water bottle to standby. Or I hold it till I get home or find a toilet that has one.

• I’m afraid of heights.

Only when my body is mainly exposed to the ground and any wrong movement could end up in me falling. But I try to act cool and walk it off lol. But I love the adrenaline rush. Or anything else that gives me that excitement.

• I’m 154 cm tall.

Yeah I’m short I know. Stopped growing when I was 16z

• Orange used to be my favourite colour.

Until this cousin of mine told me her favorite colour was orange and I hated that fact because I disliked her in every way possible hahahaha.

• I used to have a single eyelid when I was a toddler.

Fortunately I grew out of that. Imagined if I had a single eyelid and the rest of my family had double, I probably cry myself to sleep every time. (kidding)..maybe

• My parents named me after a singer.

I asked them the origin of my name and they said it was inspired by an Israeli singer, Ofra Haza. They thought it would be cuter to put an extra “S” to the front? And them Radin is a family name that must be used in your children’s name if you’re a male bearing that child in my family. And Liza was s spelling too common for them so they spelt it as Leezah. They sure sat down and thought about this hahaha.

• I have a talent of using my toes the same way I use my fingers.

I could do the same things I do using my fingers with my toes. Like that when I got all physical with my sister playfully and o pinched her so hard with my toes she begged me to let go muahaha.

• My left eye is a lot worse than my right.

My right eye is about 250 and my left is 400. I can’t live without glasses/contacts I’ll be blind as a bat.

• I accidentally threw my first pet.

It was one of the most saddest thing that has happened to me in my childhood days. My hamster, Boy, went missing for a few days and it was normal because he bit the cage off and had always snuck under our bed. So we always knew where to find him. Then one day, he was gone for too long and we got suspicious. My mother threw out the thrash and found his body amidst all the garbage. Turns out I had accidentally threw and smash the garbage in while Boy was inside.

• I can neither swim nor can I cycle.

Nobody really taught me how to. I always have up halfway and nobody was there to actually teach so….another sad part of my childhood.

• I was kidnapped before, legit kidnap.

I was about 6 years old i think. I ran away from home that day and I vaguely remember packing all of my things in my Teletubbies bag pack which had those two-wheels. I can’t really remember but my hands were being pulled by someone and he said he was my Father’s friend. We walked around 4 blocks away and my Sister had saw me with dragging my bag in her school bus. Things got chaotic and I remember my later Grandmother chasing me. Police came and all so it was a blur. I had a bad relationship with my Mother during that time so I was being reprimanded for following strangers. Sigh.

• The first person to call me Sofra was my ex.

I’m actually known as Leezah during my teen years so people usually call me by that name. Until an ex of mine started using that name and then suddenly everyone calls me that now. Which can be confusing because my Sister has that name too.

• I’m actually an introvert.

That means when I’m troubled, feeling down or depressed, chances are I won’t go to anyone for help. You’ll actually have to check up on me and only a few does that, you’d be surprised that even the closest of the closest won’t know everything about me. I don’t feel the need to burden others for my problems. But if you come to me, I might just trust you enough to let you help.

• My natural hair colour is dark brown.

Like really dark, I follow my father I think because he got dark brown hair.

• I’ve never tried drugs before.

Most people will think “yeah right” and all that but really I’ve never tried any. Although the I surround myself with people who does previously and the influence was pretty high since I even watch, I just didn’t want to do it. Thank God.

• I hate maggots.

Just…..ew. Like if I had to choose to touch  any other species in the world, anything but maggots.

• I love Fererroes.

I’ve never had cavity before but I can actually finish the whole 20 in a box.

• I get really dizzy when I see circles in flashing lights.

Explain why I have migraine whenever I’m in the taxi. It’s really painful sometime it makes me feel nauseous.

• I almost had my tonsils removed.

I drank and smoked a lot previously and didn’t keep myself hydrated for weeks. I was sent to A&E and they gave me an option to removed my tonsil because I has severe tonsillitis. But my Mother wouldn’t let them so they gave me strong antibiotics and had told me if there is another episode of tonsillitis, they would have it removed. Scary.

• I’m a bad liar.

I can’t really lie. Most of the time people can see right through my lies and call it bluff. So to defend myself I’d always avoid answering the questions that I don’t want to answer.



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