This movie was so thrilling! Okay not really but you get that strong sense of wanting the main characters to escape quickly from the zombies. I must admit I thought this movie was your typical zombie movie but you get so much more than that. There’s more of a fatherly figure shown here and throughout this whole movie it shows how the Father learns to be a better parent to the child. Although I must say, the ending eh…. ☹

Watched this with my sis and Kim and the fatty I swear I was laughing at Kim’s reactions! Prolly cause it is hard for him to stay awake at a movie, just like Fai. But he was all too fidgety in this movie and even cursed at the antogonist of the movie (you’d have to watch to know who) hahaha.

He might not be my real Brother, but he sure tires his best to make me feel like home everytime. Thanks Mok.

Sidenote, never seat in the middle of you’re going to be noisy in the movie HAHHAHA.


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