It’s been a while. Hello stranger. 
I’ve been pinning down my thoughts on my journal just to suffice my inner self from venting here. But now I lost that journal so I’m going back to blogging lol.

Things have not been smooth for me this year. I’ve dissociated myself from the people who had brought my family down, even though they were siblings. I’m not sure how long this family feud will prolong but I’m happy with my family right now.

I’ve been wanting to venture out of my comfort zone, and go on to other hotels in the city. Waiting for my EXSA cert and then I can do whatever I want. For now, I need this.

I think I fall sick about 6 times this year, my immune system hasn’t been working that much sometimes I feel like I’m dying soon. (Dramatic eh) But it’s just that I haven’t really been taking care of my health. 

Speaking of health, I think I’m disturbed emotionally, I get so envious of people that I forgot that I should be apprecating. Just as much as I want people to appreciate me.
On that last note, I very much like to be appreciated. ☹️


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