Wisdomly painful.


I experienced two types of pain this year. And it is the most excruciating ever. First was the stomach flu that I had after my Birthday trip. It was horrible. I DO NOT EVER WANT TO EXPERIENCE THAT AGAIN. It was like your stomach just couldn’t digest anything you’re consuming so it pushes everything out. And by that I mean not just by your mouth. Through you know where as well. 😖

And if that wasn’t bad enough, even not consuming anything, your body will just keep vomiting until all that’s left is the acid in your stomach. And that stings because that will be vomited out too. Lucky for me, I had some antibiotics at home, and it worked.

Anyway bottom line is, I don’t ever wish to have that again. Just like this post wisdom tooth surgery. I had hust extracted my 2nd wisdom tooth, and this pain is more agonizing than the first wisdom tooth that was removed. It’s day 4 and it’s still swelling and boy, it fucking hurts 😥

But baby has been such a sweetheart. And nothing for me is more precious than someone who has devoted time and effort. He took care of my meals and bought my liquid food all. And even comes back my home for a sleepover just to feed me medicines. I am blessed.

Just pray this pain will go away soon for me. Sigh.


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