So much to do!

Not going to lie but y’know what? I actually created this draft like weeks ago but the app keeps crashing that I don’t know what to do with it anymore.

I’m going to go all out on this post. Hahahah.

Time is so precious to me right now, like every minute of it. I’ve been making efforts to keep some relationships going but sometimes I don’t receive the same kind of effort. Nobody is too busy, those you makes an effort to see you from time to time are actually the ones worth keeping.

Which is why the main reason me and Faireen had a movie marathon previously during our off days. We went all out and watched three movies in one day haha. Because it was already hard enough that we didn’t get to have same off days together. But when that happens, we make everything count. 😉

Initially we wanted to watch awesome three movies in one day but I couldn’t think it’s possible? But actually it is because Faireen actually took the time and schedule all 3 movies in sync with each other at one cinema. Thanks love. 😘



So the first movie that we watched was If I stay, played by the pretty Chloe who rocked her role in Kick Ass.
Have you watched The Fault In Our Stars? If you haven’t then this movie is better than it. I’m a sucker for movies like these so you’ll prolly see me tearing up for those emotional scenes because I’m quite an emotional person haha. I really did tried my best to hold my tears but one tear rolled on my cheeks and the next second I know, Faireen was wiping my tears, with his eyes fixated on the screen. (Its like he knew)

If I Stay : 8/10

Had dinner over at Swensen’s. I shall not elaborate more on this because that wasn’t part of the plan because we wanted to try out 4Fingers (and we thought it was under construction) but to no avail, we ended up being here. 😔

At least we get to bump into Amok. So sad Ryan was still sleeping cause I wish I could’ve interacted with him sigh. The doppelganger of Jaden Smith hahaha.

Watched Rurouni Kenshin 2 and this I must say was better than part 1.
So Kenshin had managed to settled down peacefully in the village even after being known as the infamous Battosai. (To understand this movie you should either read the manga version or watch part 1 of this movie. ) Sadly, peace was not for long when Kenshin had to helped out the Government cause of the hypocritical mess they made. And from that mess came a new notorious villain ( the cute actor who played Kira in Deathnote)
who seek vengeance and wants to rule the world. Awesome fighting moves here and there. Love how they battled with their swords. There should be a sequel to this since…well not gonna tell ya. Hahaha watch it okay! (If you’re into action movies)

Rurouni Kenshin, Kyoto Inferno: 8/10







Last movie we decided to watch was Step Up 5. We actually got the couple seat without paying for it haha and then to realise that the whole cinema was actually couple-seated ?

Alright so the storyline for this movie is so predictable. Cause it never strayed from the previous movies. Dance competition, dance rivalries, dance skills, dance moves, dance couple. You name it. Dance dance dance! Haha. But nobody watches this for the story anyway right? I mean most of the audience are pretty much anticipating some new dance moves. At least that’s what I expected haha. So Andy is back and apparently has a thing for the guy in Step Up 4. Familiar faces from previous movies and apparently Moose has been glued to playing all the Step Up movies. My favourite was the Robot couple though. 😊

Step Up, All In6/10





That was a pretty good day and nothing was wasted.
Thank you Faireen for spending that movie marathon with me. You’re the first! Hehe. 😘


I seriously miss the times with Hazwani. I hate how adulthood has changed our different paths of career and how it didn’t made me any closer to her. Sometimes I’m missing out on her life and I just wished it was like last time when I could just run over to her place and spill my feelings out. 😦





Met up with her for lunch that day and we catch up on each other lives. Funny how we can talk like mature adults now. Hahaha who am I kidding, we’re still as silly as ever. Calling each other names and such. Love you Wanee! Meet me soon again ok. Thanks for lunch. 💋


Alright that’s all for now. Ciao. Xo


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