Best of the best.

So I did a little catch up with mui girls last few days ago, & tried out Isma’s new GoPro! And why was I the only shocked one to realised it’s so small and handy? Like I was expecting something as big as Dslr or something. Hahaha I’m such a slowpoke. But it wasn’t easy to control the device for me because I kept shaking my hands hahaha.

So initial plan was to meet everyone but last minute ended up with us 3. Oh well, I just hope that the next time we meet would be full squad. So we roamed the night streets of Haji Lane/Arab Street. Walked to La Marelle Café and sadly there was not much of a variety of pastas since we were actually craving for that. But the salmon egg benedict looks good though? So we sneaked out of that Café even after being offered a 3rd seat hahaha we are so bad. Went to I Am Café instead and the pasta we tasted there was damn nice.









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