I love how this song is cleverly written by Sia, and how closely it depicts my lifestyle before.
How night life could make me forget all the problems in the world that I had. Ashamed of how I forgot, that I could always count on Allah, I could always seek solace to him, and repent for my sins. As foolish as I was, I’m just glad I recovered from my depressing days. Not really the emo kid you see scars by mutilating herself but really I was just dying from the inside. I’m not the type where I can easily pour all my real emotions and thought unless prompted and persuaded by someone who knows me best.



Just like this Babygirl of mine, who has never stopped for me whenever I fall so hard. She was those kind of friends that texted to to ask if you’re feeling alright when you don’t even have to say anything, a friend who always listened to my sorrows and shares my laughters. However, this time it will be my turn returning the favour. Remember Baby, God loves him so much more, so tabahkan hati tu and doa banyak banyak cause time heals all wounds. Take charge of the family now and you know you can always lean on me whenever you want to. I love you, Neya.


Aside from that, has anyone watched Lucy before? I must admit I was a teeny bit disappointed watching this as I was expecting Scarlett showing off her more of her skills in combat just like Ironman and Avengers. And I was more dumbfounded towards the end when her resolves was to transform into the air and declaring she’s..erm, everywhere? But well I gotta admit it was a witty movie and the screenplay was similar to the movie, Limitless. Scarlett’s smoking hot body and game on face fit the role perfectly.

I’d rate this movie: 4/10



Thank you Babycakes for treating me this whole week, and giving allowance like it’s your job when you don’t have to. And feeding me constantly! So people don’t get shocked if you find me gaining more weight than ever. All because I’m well fed and of course, happy with the man that makes me happy. 🙂

Okay, time for me to catch up on Bleach. Yes, I know you I’m slow in watching this Anime. Haha. Ciao! xx


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