3 cheers for me as I am off for tomorrow! After afternoon shift again afterwards. Bleargh.

So I’ve update everything I could in mu previous post and I feel half accomplished hahaha. Because I let the pictures do the talking. Like literally. I was too lazy to blog more because I’m totally worn out.

Today is Saturday and I’m awaiting for then piggies to reply for our Raya outing. But it seemed that I can only hear the crickets in that conversation. No one seemed to bother so yup whatever la.

Anyway I’m sleeping over Fai’s tomorrow. I miss him so much! It’s so sad how little we meet these days because of our shift work but we always appreciate and treasure the time spent together. I love you my Babycakes! You’re the best (cause you bought me a MK bag in replacement for my torn one)

Haha you know I’m kidding sayang. As quoted by the wise JLO my love don’t cost a thing. Sigh I did not just made that lame pun.

Ciao beautiful people, goodnight! Xoxo



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