Oh hai. It’s been so long since I’ve actually updated this. Oh, well since right at this moment my boyfriend is not entertaining me that much I might as well do something that might not seem annoying to him. I feel like blogging about Soccer since I think it’s been a long time since I expressed my feelings about it haha.

Well…..first of all congratulations to the hunks of Deutschland for the first ever European team to win on South American soil. Have to hand to them, as a team they really pulled it off, especially when there are no star players you can count on like how obvious Brazil needed Thiago and Neymar or how Portugal needed Ronaldo. Although I wanted Argentina to win because that 27 year old Messi deserved it. That expression on his face tells it all when The Golden Ball didn’t seem to interest him. Argentina knew that to beat Germany, they would have to make a space for Messi to operate & Germany knew that if their midfielders could create offensive opportunities like they did against Brazil, they would win.

My eyes were not set for 120 minutes! Haha. The power nap certainly did not do any justice to me either since I had to Sahur. But howells moving on,
In the few minutes left, the second overtime, Schuerrle zipped down the left side of the pitch, sends a sweet crossing pass towards the goal while Goetze collected the orb off his chest and in one step I think, drilled it past Sergio Romero for the goal!!

I was there left gasping because somehow I wanted to see Messi holding up that cup 😦

Anyways, now it’s back to Premiere League now and I must say that I’m quite sad. Talk about an abundance of young players we have and yet another player did an Owen on me sighhh 😦 can’t help to think that it’s because of the biting ban. Naughty naughty but really….it won’t be the same without Suarez so Idk how this will turn out. I still have faith In my Reds as always. But those rumours about Reus better stop! Getting me excited only. Like seriously I will shit bricks if that happens but I don’t think so hahahha. Can’t wait for the kick off to start soon. Tralalalaalalalala.


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