I love weddings, they are the reason why people believe in happy ever after’s. Although the path to that dream has never been so easy. It’s the faith and hope in your partner’s eyes that you see, which gives you strength to love one another completely for the rest of your lives.

Being 22 (still young please) I’ve always wondered if he’s going to be my soulmate? But I leave it to the hands of God because I don’t wanna think of any negativity. Of course being young you will tend to overthink things. For example if I argue with my boyfriend, I will always compare and reflect the situation that will happen in the future. I can’t forever be right, but the will inside of me will always want to be win in arguments.

Thank God I’ve met someone who has knocked some sense into my head. I always say to myself that if no one can accept my flaws, why should I change?
But after some self reflection I realised that that is definitely not the right way. I can’t be stubborn, selfish and be a hard head all the time right? But guess who endure all of that? None other than Faireen. I’m not too sure how he does it, but in the process of enduring my behavior, he somehow made me change my habit.

Okay I admit, I still get mad at him for the littlest things that sometimes I don’t even know why haha. But I’ve definitely lessen the burden for him. ( I hope la)

But hey, I’ve also had my fair share of enduring all the things he had in store for me haha. Both of us aren’t, but inshallah I do hope he will be the head of my very own family in the future.

(Bile you nak kahwin dengan I ni?)


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