How can something so wrong be so right?

Ten minutes ago I was judging my old self just by reading at my two old blogs and I felt really really disgusted at myself. I believe that there’a a certain point in life where you look back at your life, thinking hell no, I did not just do that?!

But y’know I have no regrets cause it wouldn’t teach me valuable lessons I’ve learnt so far. Like, I used to have a lot of friends but now I realised keeping a few special ones in my heart is much more worth of my time. Speaking of time, I feel that lately it’s going too fast for me. I wished it slowed down a little bit for me to enjoy the moments I wish to appreciate. Not only time though, but my body weight is constantly changing. I can lose weight in a week and gain everything back in a day. It all depends on my mood and frankly speaking I seem to lose appetite these days. I get free food at work everyday but I don’t finish it. Not sure why but maybe I just missed how carefree I was back then. No worries no commitments no responsibilities.

Wait minute what am I complaining about? Aside from my over-thinking thoughts I always get reminded by my loved ones what life is really about. Just recently my girls and I had a sleepover and it felt good catching up to our personal lives.


20140422-021623.jpg 20140422-021634.jpg 20140422-021612.jpg

I have to thank Myra for the awesome bakso and popiahs she prepared for us for dinner hehe.

Speaking of my girls I really miss my Piggies way too much. I don’t know what’s happening to us but our conversations seem so much lesser and it makes me sad that no one really bothers anymore. Thankful that me and Wanee still text each other from time to time to check up on each other. I hope my other two piggies are doing fine? Sigh


Meanwhile alhamdulilah for another year spent when Father turned 49th! I’m so blessed to have a father whose so cheeky and adorable at the same time. The one person who can make me laugh 24 hours but also guide through the hardships in life.


Sounds familar though, His character depicts a similar person who plays a huge part in my life. None other than my Faireen. Baby thank you for always trying to make me happy even when I make that task very very difficult. I don’t know how you do it, but you did it. Swear to God I’ve never had a love like this. The way you constantly pour me your love even when I get too sensitive at certain things is amazing. Glad to say, or rather, PROUD to say that no other men could love me the way you can. And even if he can, the other person could either be one person, which is Father hehe. Keep loving me the way you do sayang.


Till then, xoxo.


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