The virgin trip.




Everything was pretty much…last minute. Haha it’s because we couldn’t fit into each others schedule so the itinerary that we prepared was done like 5 hours before our check-in. & yes, I didn’t sleep for the day before so that day was counted as two days without sleep so you could imagine how I tried to control my crankiness. Met up @ Isma’s & we googled everything about Bangkok & added a few adjustments to our drafted itinerary.
Love was done with his night shift & he decided to send me off when I told him not to. Poor baby I was too busy with my packing until he fell asleep @ Isma’s while waiting for me. He was a bit mad but I work my ways to calm him down heh heh.

Upon check in Faiz & Janny’s mom sent the girls while me & Love went ahead first with our breakfast @ T2. We then reminisce about how nostalgic the airport was & even after everything that had happened, something must’ve reminded us of our fate, because the gate I’m boarding at was the same one that he was my cheeky mentor when we worked SATS. Haha. So after breakfast with the rest Love didn’t seem sure to let me go this without him but he know his girl gotta live her life on her own before living with him. So goodbye Singapore & hello Bangkok!









I experienced a few turbulences & yes I got reminded of Steve Aoki’s song haha but that actually calm me down even when it’s loud. So alhamdulilah when we landed (& THIS I HAVE EMPHASISE BECAUSE THAT’S MY FIRST BAD EXPERIENCE..YET) me & Janny were treated like illegal immigrants or something. I mean I only went to the toilet (which was clean enough thank god) with Janny & the staff there reprimanded us in what seem to be angry thai words. Because we didn’t bring our passports as our things were all withe the girls. They even had to follow us to meet the rest just to be sure. -.-

On top of that we had to experience a 2 & 1/2 hour drive to our Hotel! It wasn’t even comfortable napping because of the noise & the funky smell of the taxi. Sigh. But once we checked in our Hotel all I needed to so was to take a warm shower to cleanse myself & throw all my negative emotions. I had to because Isma kept saying ” Sofra cranky eh” & I obviously don’t want to ruin the trip.



We went shopping @ Platinum Mall & I couldn’t control myself from conquering every single shop without a miss. Well it wasn’t just me so you know the girls hunger to shop was obviously shown haha.

Ate my first Phat Thai & it was alright. I’m not really a fan of glass noodles with mixed veggies & seafood (since I can’t eat that much) plus my appetite was spoiled thanks to the the strand of hair I found on my dish. My bet was on that not so nice cafe lady, cause it was a hassle just order food there & I think scowl at her. Whatever.

On a lighter note, we had dinner at this yummy Indian Muslim restaurant which filled our tummies to the brim. And it was just a walking distance from our hotel. Yay! After our night shopping at Pratunam market (a must go) we pampered ourselves with a full body massage & it was worth every penny. Or should I say baht? Haha ok lame ah Sofra.

Had only 5 hours of sleep cause we had a long list of plans up ahead.






Video on the Purr Cat Cafe!

It was definitely a bad weather for us to travel to Bangkok because we got to know it was a monsoon season & there we floods & hours of rain everywhere. At 7am with our unshowered bodies we shopped at Pratunam again for the wholesale prices cause it’s only morning that they offer these prices. After shopping in the rain, yes we had to endure all of dirty water pouring onto us while shopping, we ate breakfast & finally showered & get ready to the cat cafe. Took a cab there and we had to walk around in muds and puddles but thanks to two thai teenage girls who were heading the same destination so we just tailed to to be sure haha.

The cats were oh so adorable! It’s a must for cat lovers to come here if you’re going Bangkok! They were all well-groomed and pretty but the best part is that they were very approachable. Like they crave for your attention. Unlike my forever moodswing pet at home, the cats here were extra manja. So we had tea there and played with the cats. So cute I feel like holding them to me but too bad I apparently I can’t carry or hold, just touch or pet according to the rules. Or else I’d be fined 1000 baht. Sigh.




So afterwards we shopped & MBK & well the prices there were considered Mall prices so it definitely defeated the purpose cause I could just shop at Singapore haha. But we still roam around for few things.
What happened next was scary, funny and real. I was waiting for Janny & Ayu so me & Isma went outside for a breather & guess suddenly this persistent tuk tuk driver wanted to take us back to our hotel. When Ayu came she told us that 400 baht for the ride is ridiculously expensive & obviously a rip off. So we declined & he kept lowering the price till about a 100 baht & suddenly all of us didn’t felt right. Then Janny started holding my hand with incredible force ( & her sharp fingernails I might add) and run, and all of ran from him because he was chasing us and we moved to where the taxi stand was & board it as fast as we could. It was funny because Janny was running and she hid behind a pillar which could still be seen. (Insert biggest facepalm) HAHAHAH. But it was a bit traumatic so we decided that we will ride the tuk tuk during the day instead.

Cabbed to Khao San Road & a little advise here. DO NOT ASK OR BARGAIN FOR THE PRICES HERE IF YOU DON’T INTEND TO BUY THE THINGS THERE. I went to ask this lady about the printed pants & thought it was pricy for a street market pants. So she kept bargaining and pursuing me to buy them. & I refused her POLITELY & said no. The next thing I knew she was cursing me in thai & I just walk off. And when I did she came on to me with a dissatisfied face. And she confronted me to ask how much I want the pants for. My girls were more unhappy then I was so they defended me & tell me not to buy things from people with this kind of attitude. Then I glared at her & said no & walk off again, she yelled at me & all I could say was whatever. If it was Singapore I would have definitely defended my rights as a customer but of course I wanted to come back Singapore in one piece haha. The place was ghetto & that explains the people at that street. Speaking of ghetto we got our hair braided halfway & it was cool haha. The bars which had lots of tourist coming in to drink & we came to sheesha with a few drinks at one of the biggest bars there. So despite me being ill-treated by the nasty thai people here it was definitely one of those good nights. We talked about everything and also about the crisis that I was facing. Them knowing I’m not the type of person to open up, they kept asking what’s wrong and finally knew everything that has been bothering me. Love my girls.





On day 3, the initial plan was to visit the Tiger Temple but all of us overslept & none were happy that we missed the transport. Because it’s a two hour plus ride to reach there & if we came late, admissions won’t be accepted. Frustrated, each of us thought of another venue and we were advised to go to the Sriracha Tiger Zoo. Better than nothing but Janny decided to not go due to her feelings regarding the act of mistreating animals. After the tiger show & the feeding of the cubs, bad luck struck again cause the was a massive jam on the way back because it’s a Friday. So we ended up spending 4 hour plus in the cab to Asiatique. Ape lagi, tidur aje all the way haha.

Asiatique is like the thailand version of Arab Street. But the clothes bags and footwear are at a lesser price & you can’t find the designs you want in Singapore at Asiatique. Cabbed home and felt so good to shower again, only that night, I decided to use the bathtub. Hehe.





All out shopping on Day 4 at Chaktuchak. Lucky my makeup was lightweight because the Sun was definitely scorching hot! Bought things for my family, souvenirs for my girls, & Faireen’s stuffs at there. Head down to Union Mall to shop again & our energy level was really drained. Ate A&W’s & off to our hotel with our our heavy shopping bags haha.
Napped a while & got ready to go & visit the clubs there. We got lost along the way trying to find Route 66, but lucky for us a couple of Germans approached our lost faces lol. So Ayu’s entry was denied because apparently you had to be twenty to go in -.- but the guard was nice enough to let us in at the open space. While we were enjoying each other’s company. This act-drunk thai girl with heavy makeup “accidentally” drop a glass of beer behind us & it got to Ayu’s shoes. Such a bitch. I guess it was because she got jealous of the attention on us? Chey haha but seriously before that she stared at us as if we had ruined her life or something. What she didn’t know was her face was already ruined, so there goes her life :p
After that incident, me & Ayu (again) got puked on! Seriously that messed up my mood but of course Ayu was more pissed off. After we cooled down we decided to stay a while & head home after we finished our drinks. Idk why but on that night me Janny & Isma couldn’t sleep. So again we talk & talk till the next day. Haha. Did our last minute shopping because it was decided that we will not waste any baht.

When I finally reached home, I really didn’t expect my parents to come & fetch me. Missed them so much! Also didn’t expect the girls to welcome us home haha awww. Sayang Neya & Myra. Not forgetting Love standing outside. That I expected because if he didn’t fetch me I would be very upset because I missed him on the trip hehe.

So yeah I it was a love-hate trip @ Bangkok. And it was a great experience. Still can’t get over the fact that I was badly treated there since Day 1.
On a lighter note, it made me appreciate what I have here in Singapore.


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