You wreck me.

I don’t know how much of this pain can I take. I had seriously forgotten how much pain it could cost me. Last I felt this was with G. But now it’s different, it hurts much more because you give so much love to remember.

I finally know the truth now, all the lies you’ve been hiding from me when we were still together. How could you….? You’re back at your old self. & right now I’m not even positive where do I stand in your life right now. My girls told me that I’m even stupid enough to not think of my feelings & let you still be friends with her. But since it affected you so much, I felt really restless. Maybe I am stupid. Yeah. I am. & to think of it I deserved this, for all those pain I caused on to other people before, toying & using them for my comfort. This is definitely karma for me.

I can’t sleep. I keep crying thinking about it. Now I’m giving him another chance & I still am afraid of what is going to happen.  Looking on his bruises, the heart aches more. He could’ve avoided it but he didn’t. All he wanted was for me to stay & give him another chance to prove himself. He’s asleep now. Hush baby it’s okay.
I hope God will show me if he’s the one. Because right now, I don’t know any more. So it’s back to square 1 where he has to chase for my affection again.

I love you, & i cannot deny that fact. So let’s give this a try, again. Don’t make me regret my decision or I’ll make sure you’ll regret it.


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