Well, all my instincts were right, both me & Fai are taking time off to settle our differences. Not really my initiation but since he already showed the signs and said to me about his honest opinions, I guess it’s for the best, No, we are not breaking up because we cheated on each other or something like that. It’s cause of family issues. And it mainly concerns of my missing sister. In which I don’t consider her as my sister at all any more, I know it seems harsh but it’s fair to say that based on everything that has been happening to us,

I can’t lie, I still love Faireen. I showered him with so much love that I’s forgotten to leave some for me when this is going to happen. Because frankly speaking, I don’t even know we would go separate ways. I didn’t care what other people see in him but I know his a good man who has guide to life. And without him right now, I’m lost..
Never in my life have I ever loved someone this much. None of my exes could’ve measure up to how he loved me. I wish things didn’t turn out this way.

Hey Faireen, if you’re reading this, know that I will be spending my sleepless nights crying till my heart is okay. I’m sorry if I’m not texting you. I just don’t want to make me feel worse by thinking abut you more. I wish you all the best in life. We’ll help each other out to settle that problem first okay? In the meantime, all these feelings will be put aside. If you get to fall in love with some other girl, please don’t lie to how it ended. That’s not the way okay? I will miss your lame jokes, your piggybacks, your voice, your tender hugs & everything.

God has better plans for both of us. 
I know he does. Insyallah.


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