Haven’t been in the right state of mind lately. What’s wrong with me I’m also quite unsure. And to make this worse, me & Faireen fought again yesterday. wasn’t really a big deal but I just got so disappointed and alhamdulilah I still kept my cool, managed to hold my temper because of fasting. I’m not really afraid of Faireen if he’s wrong, but if I’m wrong then yes I’ll be quite timid but then afterwards he’ll calm down and rush to me hehe. So obviously things are back to normal now. Like I tweeted, the longer you are in a relationship, the less energy you want to put in an argument. You usually just get over it & move on.

Plus he’s been really nice to me, and I’m just being a bitchy girlfriend as always ruining his day so I pon tak tau how he puts up with my behavior haha. He’s working a lot these days and rarely had time. Usually it’s a few hours after work we chill or in between break period. If not he’ll be busy working more than me or I have other plans. Actually that effort cause I told him we really need to save if he’s getting serious with me. So insyallah we’ll be making this joint account by the end of this month. And that’s not so good news for me cause I need to save for my getaway to Bangkok with my girls. I.so.need.that. Haha I mean the furthest I’ve travelled is Malaysia & that’s only JB. -.-

Yeah I know, what have I been doing in my life right hahaha. Toodles.


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