I feel useless & embarassed. I totally forgot how to pray. Due to other things in life that i enjoy doing, I feel sad to say I have not been praying for a while. Today while working I saw a few of my colleagues praying & somehow I tried to hold back my tears. Yes tears. I remember crying last year in front of the sejadah. (idk if i spelt that right) because I’m to ashamed of the sins I carry. One of my girls told me, Praying is a must, you might not have the heart to cover your aurat yet and those other stuffs but praying helps. In every way you should thank Allah & pray to him, whether you have a good or bad day. The thing is, I’m afraid. But I better start now. I didn’t totally forget the doas and ways. So I think I will learn back and start doing in pronto, especially when Ramadhan is here.


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