My 24 year old Beau.

Happy Birthday my love. My dear, thank for always bringing me joy to my world, whenever I need it. I have never found someone I was comfortable with, never thought I could find someone who I can laugh hysterically, exchange farts and burps at each other, leaving food stains on my mouth, and having the least amount of effort to impress you. You complete me. Lvoe you so much okay? xxxx

Well okay yeah initailly memang I wanted to bring the birthday boy out to USS. And yes, I freaking paid for the tickets but nooooooo, the haze just had to get on our way and love’s got Asthma, wouldn’t want to risk him breathing that dirty air so I had to come up with a second plan kan. Lucky that ticket could use up till Dec. Brought him to indoor golfing! Hehe. And knowing he is such a competitive freak like his girlfriend, I go easy on him. I seriously did laaa haha but he still lsoe to me by few shots. Alalala but it’s okay even though I do feel good about it. Haha. Golf was super fun. I remember at one of this course, we went around and around not knowing how to put to ball properly. finally we gave up and played it anyhow. Literally we weren’t golfing but goofing chey okay whatever Sofraleezah hahaha.

 photo A0097B2E-2E4A-467C-9454-CD7200A57AF9-45833-00000D64700E9767.jpg

 photo 7C489718-259A-49F0-9A88-7A1001F156F2-45833-00000D648458E621.jpg

 photo A3632558-14C4-4679-A8EE-564EB0EBF15E-45833-00000D646C804FAB.jpg

 photo B739BF61-EDB9-4B36-A47B-A559984EC78D-45833-00000D646F6F3115.jpg

 photo 4BD94936-C6F4-482C-A5B7-489EF93DF369-45833-00000D6418995B2F.jpg

 photo D5BCD7E8-9613-4143-ADA1-40C7DF2D49C3-45833-00000D646A0A0222.jpg

 photo B77E1109-ED33-48AD-970B-203C0FDBC370-45833-00000D63771D0B9E.jpg

 photo F4CE1883-5BA4-49AB-85BD-B3FF30F020C9-45833-00000D637219FFA2.jpg

After that had lunch over at KFC bla bla bla some love love  and then proceed to Karaoke cause he got jealous when I did that last week and the last time he did that was eons ago.  It always madness with this one. Even at karaoke we couldn’t stop laughing and making a fool out of ourselves. After that, decided to had supper over at Spize and cabbed back to his place to visit his sister. ANd my first time seeing a flatface breed! Totally cute la this cat. Shampoo was the name. Faireen’s sister had like two cats. The other one was I think a British shorthair, Chanel. Played with Shampoo. Cute gile I cannot take it hehehe.

 photo FADC0448-A098-4A10-BEF6-DABD25E3A728-45833-00000D639A01A7B0.jpg

After which we also cabbed back. Yeah I know like malas like that want to take train and bus. #Mustbethehaze hahahaha. What a splendid day! 😉

Love you darling sorry tau if tak go USS, I promise during September we go okay love? mwahs.


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