A dwarf gets old but not taller.

Happy birthday my short and dark one. Haha okay la not so dark anymore since you finished your course. I hope your journey now as a 21 year old like myself will not laze around anymore and start to work the ass off to get a full-time job as a teacher, like your goals. I love you my bestfriend. After these nine years of friendship & I still remember the days where we bought argues like mad and exchange nasty words at each other. But there were days that I missed, like us spending time talking, like real talk y’know, understanding each of our emotions. But nonetheless I’m glad we’re still Bestfirends. And will always be because I want to see you get wrinkly with me so we can tease whose the uglier one. πŸ˜‰

So, aside from that birthday note, the preparations for this was a failed one. We (me Mira Ashila) had to wait for the birthday girl to finish her kenduri and also, last minute of I might add, her parents decided to bring her around at Marine Parade. So…. we waited for like 3 hours until she was really at home and at her room, we’re going to give her the surprise attack, catching her off guard heh heh. Of course it was successful. So after giving her gifts and all, what she didn’t know was we going to sleepover her house and have a mini slumber party yay! Hehe. But she had to finish her paperwork. So we made facials eat cake and watche LOL haha. Not really a fan of Miley Cyrus but what the heck. Nice movie.

 photo DD70ED71-ED4A-49A9-BCBF-6B85C618A5BD-45833-00000D669459FC9A.jpg

 photo 2C3F7308-D441-4165-83AB-78CAD02C23B3-45833-00000D65103BF8DA.jpg

 photo 0D72D2B8-CDF2-4678-B439-658F3BD6CD7A-45833-00000D6506C3CA08.jpg

So bought her to karaoke over at Bugis Plus. & yes the theme was geek. Not fair right how come my birthday no theme and they say it was suppose to be casual for mine pffft. Haha but I don’t mins actually , as long as time is spent with them.

 photo B9B87F3C-386E-44F2-A524-EFDE94AD53A2-45833-00000D6500FEBE38.jpg

 photo E18FE068-FA60-4386-8268-D1AFBF7D4376-45833-00000D64FB339A57.jpg

 photo B046C43A-8EDE-405A-A22C-40CCF49BC318-45833-00000D64EE603952.jpg

 photo D97C1F1F-640C-4318-95A5-389AECA650F1-45833-00000D64E85DF99F.jpg

 photo FAC22499-3AE4-45F9-8DB8-7882B2D8982E-45833-00000D64E24B58DF.jpg

 photo 0416D9C0-E285-4099-9331-2A1D22ED3CD3-45833-00000D64D9754FCD.jpg

 photo EFABE318-0850-4973-B3F8-AC183A466FC1-45833-00000D64CB4172CD.jpg

 photo 8EB6330C-BC37-44A7-92AB-4C25D2525F3A-45833-00000D64C56F346E.jpg

 photo E787D382-1820-4DC1-B721-13F3F2A7753C-45833-00000D64BF579450.jpg

 photo 1447D367-4A8E-48FD-9CB0-E54AC84BDB29-45833-00000D64B8E30B37.jpg

 photo 07E9FA43-6AC7-4365-A255-E83351F11E8F-45833-00000D64B0B48E09.jpg

 photo D46DCCBA-9752-49A6-9D95-EAA0F8ECD524-45833-00000D64AA3245C9.jpg

 photo 2D8083BF-EC5B-4FB1-80BE-C3ADCFB1C161-45833-00000D64A4510D80.jpg/

 photo BADBC4AF-EFB8-48D1-8D3C-D4E64F10D4B3-45833-00000D649E395BC0.jpg

 photo B060E0A0-35EC-4A0D-BC01-6E83257C5D83-45833-00000D6497C19E67.jpg

 photo A14EF2B2-C7A7-4E04-BA52-5840E4D57AF8-45833-00000D648CD42646.jpg

 photo 5E27B692-EFCD-4AAE-8226-3F7692CDCB85-45833-00000D6484D87BF2.jpg

Chilled over at EatPlayLove and I gotta admit the place has nice setting. Great food for reasonable prices toooo! πŸ˜‰ So I had Basil chicken with rice and I tell you the cooking to me felt like I was at home, eating my Grandma’s favourite dish. I kind of felt I was at home haha.

So I hope birthday girl enjoyed that, Me is tired!

Ciao lovelies,



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