This is an irrelevant post. But if you’re stalking me, don’t forget to read this haha.

Hi I’m back again! Okay of course it’s me who else will be back haha. A lot has been revolving on my mind lately about things. First off, about my future, & what I see myself doing in the next ten years. Fortunately I kick start with the right guy this time to settle down. There are a lot of reasons why I want Faireen to be my future husband (god willing, of course), maybe I’ll write a post about that. But anyway back to it, Me & Faireen have already started saving. Yes saving. I know, I know, it so not me to do this but thankfully, his guidance made me realize how important this way. I’m usually a big spender, not a saver. If that’s how you wanna put it haha.
Besides saving for the future, I’m also saving for the Bangkok trip I’m having with my Angels. Oh please please please let this happen. A lot of time we plan to go for a vacation together but it always doesn’t seem to happen.

Speaking of the future, I’m actually not prepared for it. Even when I’ve made plans to plays safe, I would never know how it would turn out to be. But with a lot of hard work & praying, I’m sure everything will fall into place. If not, I’m always ready to learn from my mistakes.



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