Merry go round.

Guess what?
I’m blogging at work haha how cool is that huh people? (secretly shouting to non-existent readers)
Since there’s like zero workload, behold the power of the internet. This will allow me to rant for a while. So…’s Friday huh?
Nothing much is planned ahead for me during this weekend but on the 13th onwards, it’s time parrrrteh. Actually, I’ll get busy planning birthdays for my three loved ones. Will update soon about that but for now, I wish to share this incicdent that happened to me a few days ago. I attended to one patient in her 70s & she requested that I bring forward her appointment. When asked what was he urgency she couldn’t explain to me in proper English so she said “ I have headache like merry go round liddat.”

So cute right hahahah I wish I can kiss her wrinkly face all over. Well, I think it should be wrinkly….


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