Wedding Affair 2.0

This is actually considered my first time attending a wedding with a boyfriend. Well idk if Ain’s engangment was considered? The same thing eh? Haha whatever it is the first time we went out and planned what we wanted to wear haha. Usually we just sembarang aje. Cause he will always go sembarang and I’m like sembarang and it never stops. But of course most of times I make the decision -.-
& once in a while I’ll go ” It’s always me who makes the plans y’know love!” “But whenever I suggest something you always want it to go your way so you nak I buat ape love?” “Whatever love, you diam.”
Hahaha I know right, how contradicting can I get and it drives him crazy hahaha.

Anyway back to it, yes we came to this ex-colleague’s wedding of mine over at Yishun. Funny thing y’know, because I’m not even close to her. We only spared a few conversations and that was it, but Mona was a nice person. So when she came looking all petite and beautiful the way she is ( oh yeah and thank god we arrive in the nick of time, cause the bride came down already a there were nice seats with a nice view of the setting hehe ) she asked me where Hanis is. Okay hanis was this other ex-colleague of mine and I just shrugged. Afterwards we took off cause we wanted to have our movie marathon. We could’ve chose any other day but ever since Faireen’s in SMRT  it’s hard for us to have dates 😦

 photo E9B55029-012F-4A22-99EE-D4FEA33A5754-45833-00000D66CCB9F799.jpg

 photo 9E4E3F6F-440F-47C9-B46B-CEAAAD54B8A6-45833-00000D66C9F352B3.jpg

 photo 293E8BA7-9DF9-4697-B9ED-87A551394DBF-45833-00000D66BE85FB78.jpg

 photo 384AAFD0-7E75-4D1E-8729-72BA817D7C78-45833-00000D66B0C2E12E.jpg

 photo 20B0A8AB-3DE1-4B4E-9153-F725C11B20FC-45833-00000D66A3A41888.jpg

 photo 69C421D5-D559-4513-B987-0E635A1268EB-45833-00000D669AB00CA7.jpg

Hehe, been so long since we had one of these.

So yeah gila babi this one cause after the wedding we bought two movie tickets to Hangover 3 & Fast6. All worth it hehe. Though I feel extremely bad for making my Sweetums sacrifice his rest for the morning shift. Thanks love for that. (‘:

Okay bye you all nak tidur. Work tomorrow SIGH


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