My missing anecdotes.

Hello my precious blog. Okay not so precious because I have been neglecting you this few months. I was too involved in my life. Yes, I do have a life & I’m afraid sometimes being in it is more interesting than blogging. But I can’t deny that I miss how fast my fingertips tap on the keyboard. The clicking sound it makes when you type sentences. I like that eccentric feeling that I can’t explained. Okay I know, being 21 & I became more… what is it they say, LAME as ever.

Speaking of age, my little (well not so little, now) sister has turned 20. Yes the big two-zero. So I, the sweetest eldest sister in the whole wide world took her out. Who need boyfriends when you have sisters , right? Heh so I pampered Feelah and got her whatever she wanted (unfortunately for my purse) & glad she & I finally had some h2h talks. Involving our exes, friends, you name it.

Here are some pictures & videos for that day haha.

 photo 2007353E-959C-4FC2-820E-B13EE1502D07-45833-00000D674BF11B00.jpg

 photo C60FB215-8364-4780-A486-43641026C3B2-45833-00000D6744BB47D3.jpg

 photo 7196C886-63D4-4B7D-A00B-B602640D168F-45833-00000D673D4886C6.jpg

 photo C802A3F2-E7DE-42F3-B635-A9848D9370AC-45833-00000D67368A422C.jpg

 photo D8E4D15B-FB50-4BAE-9EC2-BA9947CF65CA-45833-00000D672D578195.jpg

 photo c9d5de6d-0f79-411d-8874-96795d74b6c9.jpg

 photo 7A67ECAE-F797-4F94-B005-0F76D6024DF7-45833-00000D67107F70C9.jpg

 photo 1ED323E2-2440-4D9F-92AE-AF8264662E25-45833-00000D67096C01F5.jpg

 photo 9547FFD5-9B67-438B-B47C-66660F438C28-45833-00000D66D652ACBB.jpg

“Diam la takde mood takde mood!”
“cranky gurrrrl”
“Anhhh nak makan” haha so cute. Queue was long sorrrrrrrrrrrrrry 😦

I hope you will be more mature in your future decisions & please get a full-time job soon cuz seriously, you’re ruining the couch, okay potato?
Okay kidding. Love you hehe.


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