Go wild!









Met up with my Angels & made a trip to the Zoo! Glad I met them and catch up with each of their lives. So sad to know Janny and Myra wasn’t there. I hope they has reasonable excuses for that because I don’t want to think they didn’t want us to meet each other again. Oh well, guess another time then.

The bus from AMK to the Mandai zoo had a super huge crowd and the destination seemed so long… Like 100 miles or something. But glad I had that chance to talk to Ayu about her sister and this creepy guy who kept prank calling her. I advised her to go and report if it happens again. If it was me, I’d be creeped out too!

So visited the animals & the first thing that was on my mind….the pandas! I really wanted to see them! But under unfortunate circumstances, we weren’t able to see Jiajia & Kaikai 😥

But Faireen said he’ll bring me there again since he can use his staff card for a free entrance yay heheheh. So back to seeing other animals. & the longest venue we’d stayed was the baboon area, we were pretty fascinated by their lifestyle. Picking fleas & reproducing. Yep. The life of a baboon haha.

& we get to ride and elephant! Yes, an elephant. Wanted to be in the middle but gave in to my girls since I don’t mind the position that much. But seating at the back, you’re prone to fall easier haha lucky I gripped the handles tightly.

So, even when it rained we had an awesome time together laughing, taking pictures and gossiping like little girls. I get to feed one goat & it was cute! It was like so hungry haha. Afterwards more walking and walking an finally Ayu get to see her show. The two adorable seals were super intelligent in stunts and all.

Sigh. I wished the weather permitted me to stay longer in the zoo.


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