Gong xi gong xi

Happy New Year! To my chinese people out there. Hope ya’ll had a blast in the long weekend, cause I know I did. 😉

So…..finally watched Ah Boys 2 Men 2 with babycakes. & what dumb move I made by booking the wrong tickets! Initial plan was to watch at Bugis Plus but I accidentally booked it at Leisure park how smart can I be huh. Lucky he was not mad but I really wanted him to try Laksania! Sigh. Oh well some other time haha I know he’ll understand. 😉




I really liked that movie because it teaches me how NS boys grow and mature into young adults. & obviously i personally think NS boys serving the country should not have boy girl relationships at all. He said it’s true & he didn’t had any really had any real relationships when he was doing NS since people just come and go. It’s a must watch I swear & surprisingly this is the only movie that he concentrated and laughed, a lot! Hehe.




So after having out brunch & movie, went to chill at Bayfront watching the amazing skyline an scenery as always. Had an impromptu plan with Mia, my sister and my cousin to head to Avalon. Bumped into Amok! and played with little Ryan awwwwwh. That lil rascal, & he learnt how to kiss me, so adorable. Drank & talk about random stuffs. I’ve never really met Mia in person so that was actually our first meet up. She was a very nice person. Hope to see you soon again Mia! & babycakes promised he’ll take care of me. & he did haha. Boy, was he defensive. I’ve never casually partied with a boyfriend around so Faireen would actually be a first. With persuasion of course, cause he hates clubbing haha. Oh well, once in a blue moon you’ll find me in that scene ever again.

So after drinking and dancing with awesome people, (not to mention a few people who I rather not bump into) we got tired & just sat around the bar. My head was getting heavy & he could see that.

Afterwards, got some refreshments & Babycakes piggybacked me all the way around MBS and I felt like a kid again. Usually he’ll do it longer but he says he’s just tired. Overall, I had an amazing time as usual.



I think I had naughty thoughts here. Haha okay shhhh.


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