“Never love someone who treats you like ordinary”


So…it’s been a while since I’ve updated here. I have to admit it cause I don’t even have a laptop to begin with. Yes, my Vaio baby is no longer with me now due to some unfortunate circumstances. But I’m saving on my own to get my a mini laptop or at least an iPad. With that I prolly could update more things easier an instantly too.

Life with Faireen is never too mundane. This relationship I have with him is so exhilarating. You know for the past few relationships of mine most of them failed because no one can handle me. And I mean NO ONE did have the strength to have some man balls and endure the my really stubborn egoistic attitude because all of them were too busy having their pride too. Some even play behind my back an pretend my back just for their sorry little excuse of me being a bitch. But with Faireen, he has always been giving in to me, even sometimes I think it’s my fault haha okay I’m mean. But throughout the whole process I didn’t like what I was doing. Macam pijak pijak kepala orang gtu.

Faireen made me a better woman than I was before. He thought me how a person should be treated right. And slowly I’m also using this lesson and put it into action towards everyone especially my family. Of course Faireen here is sometimes dumb haha. Like sometimes what he doesn’t even realise that some of his actions were wrong. Of course I’m there to remind him, and if I don’t I will just merajok and give him that silent treatment. In a split second he can figure out what mistake he did and what was making me unhappy.

I’ve never had someone so afraid of losing me. Well actually I have during my first relationship but when he went around sneaking behind my back. Ouch haha but whatever. What matters now is Faireen and me are getting pretty serious. Like we’re planning to even get a house soon once we see that Cpf has reached our target. Insyallah, not to boast or anything but if God wills it and if it is our fate to be together.

Oh and Love, just so you know, I’m glad you asked for my number. 😉


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