Daily Archives: October 21, 2012

Precious gems.

No one can ever understand me better than these girls here, they’re who always what’s best for me. Every single time whenever I become a pessimist these ladies here would always find a way to make me see that life is not that bad after all. Like my Bestfriends here.


This is Shamira. She’s always the one with bright ideas to come up with. Everytime when my life seems a bit dark, she’s that sunshine who has the right words to say. & She’s fragile too, just like me. Thank you Mira for always knowing what to right things to say.


This one right here is my bestfriend since primary school. Her friendship is the longest relationship I’ve had in my life. No matter how much argument we will be in, I will always make sure things would go back to the way we were. & just like me, she is egoistic. A lot of things in common but the saddest part is that we spend less time together nowadays due to the life path we took. I miss spending more time with her.


This one right here is someone who I can talk about anything. Being in her 20s already she has grown further thn me & sometimes her guidance as a friend has helped me in life. Thanks Ashila for always being on my side.

These are the few people who I can never replace. ❤