Hello 1st.

I feel so tired from my weekends so I’ve decided to give my self a day off today on a Monday. He he I mean a self-declaration holiday, that’s what it is.
Anyway I’m currently in love with this track among the rest of Step Up Revolution tracks. Yes I’ve finally watched it with Faireen, right before our so called bicycle date. Yes, after countless of tries I still wasn’t able to ride a bicycle! Such a shame since Faireen tried so hard  wanting to help me achieve that. Guess we will just have to try it another day. :/

Lately all I’ve been doing is over thinking. I mean am I the only one who think that me alone care for my family’s situation? Everybody else here pretty much am not doing what they’re suppose to do. I’ve been keeping it for myself for quite sometime & it’s been disrupting everything that I’ve been doing. I wish thing would well again here but as they say every time you take one step forward you get knock down two steps backwards. Make it 4151548115648415151514 for me. Sigh. I’ve only got this to lament my feelings cause Faireen’s asleep now. If not I would nag all about it to him & he’ll just politely listen. That’s the thing about faireen. He’s that kind of boyfriend who would just be ready to listen to whatever I say. If he has his opinions he’ll say it but most of the time he’ll just comfort me & make things better. Even like situations whereby it involves us in bad terms. He’ll try to understand what I’m trying to say &  most of the time just give in to me, even when I’m wrong. (usually if i’m wrong i’ll only notice that like a day later then i’ll apologise la)

I can talk to him about almost everything & I’m happy that his the first to actually put his place into my shoes.
(While typing that I actually imagine him physically trying to use my shoes. God, me & my imagination….)


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