Look at the stars, look how they shine for you.

Today marks our official 8-months-of-being-together. I’m so contented with my relationship with this fatty here. Since my last screwed up relationships. This would be considered as my longest proper relationship. & I’m glad we came this far. Of course with many more months to come! Hehehe.

Dearest Faireen,

Thank you for always believing in our love, for not giving up on me so easily & for always being so patient with me. I must admit I’m a woman with a lot of flaws & usually the people that i care about mostly would leave as I’ve encountered numerous people like that. With you, it’s so different. I can always count on you for changing to be a better person. After every hurdles we faced, not a single one had you resorted to leaving me. Instead you would always take it as a challenge & make things again somehow. I love you with every heartbeat. Xx



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