Cuz I’m like tissue paper.

I feed sad sometimes. You know why? Cuz people who used to be close to me don’t seem to bother what’s going on. Where was all the ” I’ll be there when you fall?”

What is emptiness. Is it abnormal to feel lonely? Or am I just a little too late to notice these changes. I have friends who badmouth about me and still can keep their two fucked face. I just keep quiet. Why? Cuz i know best that it’s better for me to swallow my own misery.

I used to feel so loved. You know, adorn by those whom i called friends. Putting friends aside, I’m feeling the same way I am with you.

I’ve been having bad dreams. And it’s about us. Sometimes I feel like I’m being used. Maybe I’m too sensitive. I shouldn’t be feeling this way. But I can’t help it. I don’t feel the same way with you anymore. A little less love? Maybe. . .


It’s funny how I can hold the heaviest heart and yet act as if I’m okay.


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