So just pull the trigger.

You see me laugh, you me smile.
You think that I look okay.
I’ll tell you guys that I’m fine.
I ain’t gonna ruin your day.
It’s hard for me to explain.
I rather keep my lips sealed.
No one knows that I’m in pain.
No one can feel what I feel.

Mixed-up emotions, they turn to doubts.
Sometimes I don’t even know what this is about.
I finally found this special someone.
But sadly, I don’t tell him everything.
Yeah he’s all loving and fun.
And to stay this way, I should say nothing.

My friend once told me,
“Make-ups cannot hide my misery”
Another friend, who took pity.
All I said was the word “Fine.”
Oh, how lies came out from this mouth of mine.
Eventually, he understood what i meant.
I turned down a friend who wanted to lend a hand.

Deep down, I feel incomplete.
But everything changes, when we just meet.
Be it friends or you, you guys give me bliss.
That’s why my laughter you guys will miss.
My sign of joy, from friend to friend.
But for now my heart needs some amends.

I find myself pathetic, all rhyming and stuff.
This is my other side, you can’t call it a bluff.
I’ll bear with my misery, it’s hard but I’ll try.
If all else fails, you’ll see me cry.


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