My Personal Guide For Clueless Boys.

1. Most of the time when I fantasize, it’s about you.
2. If it’s not, then most of it is just about us.
3. I will leave if you lie. So don’t even try.
4. Don’t change. That’s not how I fall for you.
5. I love it when you make me laugh.
6. Even more when you kiss me out of the blue.
7. “Fine” is never an appropriate response when I ask you how I look.
8. “Fine” never means fine when you ask me how am I.
9. Even when I’m fucked up with what you’re doing is wrong, I’m cool with it. ( sooner or later )
10. Cuz I can never bring myself to REALLY REALLY REALLY be mad at you.
11. I expect you to at least inform. So I don’t have to worry like some crazy bitch over you. (  I know you’re safe. )
12. I need you through my shitty days.
13. I need you to make me laugh once again during my moodswings.
14. I need you to catch me whenever I fall.
15. When everything seems confuse for me, you should make things right and make me understand the order of things.
16. I love it when you love me for my flaws.
17. I love the way you hold me, makes me feel secure. I’m far away from harm.
18.I love it when you spoil me. ( even when I am against it )
19. Talking about things that could start up a fight should be avoided.
20. I like staring at you. A million things will be running on my mind. So, don’t ask me why.
21. You don’t have to impress me. I’ve already seen the unsightly ( tak senonoh ) side of you. and guess what? I’m still loving you, am I?
22. Remember, not talking to me means you want to ignore me.
23. If you want to, then you can just say it to my face.
24. Give your utmost respect for me.
25. Never stop giving me advices, even when I get stubborn.
26. Don’t ever give up on me. Even when I’m doubtful of us.
27. Be a Man, stand up for me and yourself.
28. Only you can knock some sense into me.
29. If you give me your empty promises, I’ll take back what’s mine on the left side of you.
30. I won’t get angry if you look at other girls, you’re just appreciating the opposite sex.
31. But the difference between looking and staring is a HUGE difference.
32. ” We need some space ” is not the same with ” You can leave me and go find other bitches ”
33. Call me at least once a day, you know I want to hear your voice.
34. I love surprises. ( Go figure )
35. Of course I can give you time for your friends.
36. I’ll be needing my own time for mine too.
37. I’m always here whenever you need me to listen to you. ( and I will really listen )
38. If you have a heart, you won’t make me wait. ( even if I don’t mind waiting for people )
39. It’s really up to you if you want to listen to my advices. All I know is that I’ve done my part in correcting you.
40. I need your encouragement. A lot.
41. Whatever you do to help me, make sure it really sincere.
42. Don’t worry, I know you have your bad days too.
43. You don’t want to lose my trust. Trust me.
44. Go ahead and have fun when I’m not with you. But remember, I STILL do exist.
45. You know I like it when you give in during our “fights” . ((:
46. Ferreroes make me happy. Use that as your advantage.
47. I can treat you like a King. No one else deserves my attention other than you.
48. Letting me sleep and snore like a pig on your shoulders means you want me to sleep peacefully.
49. When I say I miss you, it means no other bitch can miss you like I do.
50. When you say you love me, I hope you MEAN it.


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