No time for this and that .

Wow, look how dusty my Blogspot has been. I don’t seem to have time to update anymore. And besides, it’s only 74 days to my O’s and I’m freaking hell scared of it. ):
Life has been going so welll. Everything seem so right as everything has fallen into place. not perfectly, but just the way I love it.

Guess what ? I’m not living with my Aunty now, unfortunately of course. =S
Well, shit happens everyday and I don’t wish to elaborate and recall to. Better to forget kann. :]
I’m currently living in Tampines. ( find me if you can) and I’m blessed to have these new beautiful souls with me. Like Mama, Papa, Raff, Irfan, who is living with us.

Thanks you people for taking care of everything. I love you guys.

Me and my Shortass bestie is working our butts off for o’s. We REALLY DON’T wish to disappoint our elders. ((:
Okay, enough of this I guess, this is just a quick update that I can briefly say about my life right now .
Got to go now people,I wanna see my Habibi before he cuts his hair.
Update whenever I’m free again. ❤


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