There was this boy, who fell in love with this girl. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was just too adorable.

Day by day, he tried to impress her. Giving her thoughtful messages. And stealing every opportunity to just be near her, even if it means being with his group of friends.
On her birthday, he bought for the girl her favourite chocolates. She didn’t expect any presents from him. It grew too big, his crush for her became too obvious. Finally, he confessed everything towards her. She already knew, of course, but what the boy didn’t know, the girl was already head over heels for him after he placed her hands on to his thumping heart. That heart in  which he claimed was beating, for her.

She was confused and scared once more . Scared of falling in love. But there was just something about about his eyes that was telling her that he was speaking of the truth. He had problems with his relationship, and he ended it.
She was not happy about this, as she thought she was the reason for their break up.

As assuring as his voice was, he claimed that it was already not working out even before the girl came into his life. He finally said those three meaningful words to her.

Months passed and they were going on so well. They kept pictures of each other, and nothing seemed wrong. Until, the seventh of the sixth came. Something had happened. He saw, his heart broke into a million pieces. Furiously, he told the girl off. And human beings, being in their natural behaviour, returned that evil deed. Which was way off what she had done. What the girl didn’t know, that his intention was to just protect her, care for her, and make sure one could ever do anything to her. He loved her too much.

The first day of the week, was the end of their beautiful bond.What the boy didn’t know, was that the girl was on her friend’s bed, crying profusely and thinking that if she could just turn back time, she would not make the same mistakes again. But sadly, it was just a little too late. Because while the girl took a very long time to find other words to add to her ” I AM SORRY” apology, another terrible news came.
She received a phone call from someone, and just like the boy, her heart tore apart too. He had found someone new. And by the news of it, she took it as if he had made the first move to move on. As painful as it was, she had no other choice but to throw her “I AM SORRY” apology because he has moved on.

Now, she’s thankful that she had found someone who is the sweetest of them all that she has been with. And this, is honestly from her heart.
Because no one could tolerate with her, but this one guy did. And he is ever so gently treating her heart with full TLC.

She now prays and hope that she won’t repeat the same mistakes again.

Good luck with her boy. Thanks for the memories.


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