Cuz your girl wants to party all the time.

Okay, so it’s been two weeks after school has opened. . .
And noooo, I’ve made no progress in my studies. I don’t know why I’ve slacken. SIGH!
and focus less on enjoying please.
I mean, it’s ONLY four months ahead. MUST burn midnight oil and shit.
Then afterward, can enjoy and party all I want right?
I swear, after O’levels, I’m so going to do a lot of things.

2) work.
3) ride the Sg flyer
4) ride the skyride
6) catch with old GFS. ):
7) party party and party!

For now, it’s O’LEVELS ALL THE WAY! (insert serious  face here)

So, school has not been so bad. And we just passed Mira’s birthday. So yeah, enjoy your seventeenth baby. 🙂
I just skipped a few Mock exams. PERANGAI EH. =S
I don’t  ahh. I feel like my teachers all have given up on me. That is why they give crappy lessons and notes. I swear Gop’s notes are most useful. CHEEBYE kan. The school system is like that, give all the good good teachers to the express students. Then give those tired old shitty teachers who don’t give a fuck about you to the Acad students. Fuck it ahhh.

Whatever it is, I still want to prove to people that i can do it. And, now, with less distraction . ((:
I get to spend time with both my studies and my Baby. ERRR. Okay, I think most Gvians should know who lahh. LOL. I know it’s kind of not what should be expected. But I also don’t know why.

This is the same thing happened to me and him. Very unexpected lahh sehh. I should stop having this cycle. Me and Zul knows about this. I don’t why, but coincidentally, it always happens to me. Luckily, this time, it’s a normal boy-falls-for-girl-and-girl-not-ready-to-be-in-a-relationship-so-she-and-him-are-just-going-with-the-flow. (:

I wanna go Downtown now to study. toodles! ~

Signing off @ 5.36 pm


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