stupid hangover~

It’s 5:32pm now and mike is being such a bitch by making so much racket below the badminton court. His forever loud pitching voice will be recognized in this neighboourhood. Especially that laughter of his. -_____-”

I’m like a piggeh now since i haven’t even bath after overnight-ing yesterday’s pit. I should have known two things that would make me not come.

1) I was the only girl there.
2) HE was present afterward.

Like oh my G! I didn’t know he was coming. Bobo didn’t know I was there, and I didn’t know they invited Bobo. So yeah. =S

We played funny games like Blackjack by eating tomotoes. Hee. And also the drinking game. The most jialat drunkard bastard was Din. Because he was chasing people around and throwing things all over. Swaying himself and what not. HAHHAHA! Luckily, I didn’t joined them. Yeah I know, I’mma good girl. (=

Was actually supposed to go to the Beach party but I heard somebody was going there so I changed my mind and went for the chalet instead. Dapat tahu, dia pon timbul jugakk. =O
I don’t know why but I couldn’t  have the heart to face him. I just couldn’t. I guess it’s the feeling of not knowing how to act towards him after all that has happen. And that game of Truth and Dare was seriously embarrassing since Aus kept asking me personal questions. I was lucky to deny answering some of them but some, I was obliged to tell. =X
After chilling and all that, it was unexpected of him to greet me before he went home. That ease my heart better and I guess that will help me not to feel akward. Hope so lahhh. =/

Went to the Waterbreaker with Haqim, Din, Arep and Gop<3.
We laid down there and Arep’s fucking irritating mouth just couldn’t shut! I swear he drives all of us crazy. After arep and Din left, Haqim, Gop and I took a nap.  Fortunately, I get to see the Sun rise and it was beautiful.

Went home with Aim, Aus, Mondok, Haqim and stranger. Gop sent me home and then ape algiiii, teros head to hug my pillow. At least better than sleeping on the rocks!
Oh well, i wanna bath now. And I’m planning to overnight again today cuz I wanna do my homework. Anyone want to accompany? (:

Signing off @5:51pm,


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